Top Reasons For Divorce

In today’s’ world, marriage breakdown is an everyday occurrence unlike in the past. Also, Infidelity used to be the leading cause of divorce in the past, but in our times, other factors contribute greatly to this problem. One of the queries that most people ask is what are the divorce grounds? Here below are the five top reasons for divorce:


Abuse of drugs and alcohol

jhjhjhjhjhjhjConsumption of alcohol and drugs is one of the leading reasons for divorce. In one particular study, it was found that 45% of the couples involved in the study ended up divorcing because of substance abuse.

As a matter of fact, drug and alcohol abuse can lead to a host of issues in a marriage, including emotional and financial problems, as well as bitter arguments, leading to physical violence. The marriage union is not likely to survive in such circumstances, and in most cases, the couple has no other option other than divorce.

Lack of intimacy

People who have been in a marriage for a substantial amount of time may become less romantically involved than they were at the beginning of their marriage. What usually happens is that one of the individuals in the relationship seems to lose interest in intimacy, leading to a lack of sex and romance in the relationship. The other person feels neglected and unappreciated. If the issue is pushed under the carpet and is not addressed adequately in time, it can lead to the death of the marriage union.

Lack of a common vision

People who enter into a marriage relationship need to share a common vision in almost everything for the marriage to succeed. For instance, they should have common interests when it comes to sports; come to an agreement concerning who is supposed to clean or cook; as well as how to spend their joint incomes for capital expenditure, among other things.

These issues bring a lot of tension in most marriages and if they are not addressed properly, can lead to divorce.

Infidelity and cheating

Without any doubt, this is the leading cause of divorce the world over. Marital infidelities and cheating lead to deep emotional wounds that are difficult to heal. Research findings show that the number of women who are involved in marital infidelity is almost equal to the number of men who are involved in it.

Getting married for the wrong reasons

This is another leading cause of divorce. A couple that gets married for the wrong reasons will certainly end up getting divorced. For instance, if you married your boyfriend because he is rich or athletic, your marriage is not likely to last. This is because there are many other factors that you did not take into consideration before you tied the knot. You will realize later on in your marriage that you indeed married a total stranger; you have different personalities, interests, as well as views on a wide range of issues. Such a marriage will only end up in divorce.


hgggghghghghThere are other important reasons why marriages end in divorce, including lack of personal space, inability to resolve disputes, getting bored with your partner, and several others. The bottom line is that you need to take your time to know the person you intend to marry.


The Safety Requirements During Conveyancing

Conveyancing is a term used to describe the whole of the process of selling a property on the open market. The conveyancing process has become popular of late as many people seeking to buy and sell property. It also to execute an agreement to sell and buy, and then transferring ownership of the property from the vendor to the purchaser.

Best tips

Conveyancing in buying or selling a property

jjjhjjhjhBuying or selling of properties, whether for private needs, commercial or industrial investments, is constantly looked upon as a decent means of getting significant yields and benefits. Many individuals who are included in the land business have this as their fundamental wellspring of pay. There are various strategies and legal conventions required in the securing, deal or leasing of properties.

These laws shift from district to area. Despite the fact that a rundown of land laws is accessible for everybody to see and follow, numerous financial specialists discover this a dull and tedious undertaking. This is the reason they designate conveyancing solicitors to handle all legal customs.

The exchange of property

The exchange of a property from a seller to buyer is known as conveyancing. A noteworthy piece of this procedure is to make property conformities in an auspicious way and without overstepping any laws. Whenever buying or selling a private or commercial property, both the buyer and seller need everything to be settled in a smooth way. A legitimate and qualified specialist is the decision of most financial specialists amid property settlements. These conveyancing solicitors are more mindful of the laws and directions identified with a wide range of properties and are additionally acquainted with guidelines relating to a specific district. Despite the fact that, they charge a high expense for their administrations however they spare a ton of cash by guaranteeing complete consistency with all laws.

Electrical Safety Switch Concerns In Conveyancing

There are various concerns confronted by the buyer and seller amid the property exchange technique. One such issue is that of the commitments in regards to an electrical wellbeing switch. It is required by the law that the seller must notify the buyer of the establishment of any endorsed wellbeing switch in the private unit. It is additionally critical to guarantee that this notification is given before the buyer claims the property. Inability to do as such will urge the seller to pay for a punishment. Every one of these arrangements is obviously expressed in the REIQ contract. Since there are legal complexities required in the conveyancing procedure, it is a smart thought to name the specialist before the settlement of the property bargain.


kjkjkjkjjkjkjkkjThere may be various legal dangers required in the securing and offer of a property. It is very prescribed that conveyancing is performed with the assistance of qualified and experienced solicitors to evade any legal complexities that may emerge later.


Roles of An Employment Legal Attorney

An employment legal attorney helps to bridge the gap between employers and employees by managing legal matters. They guide the companies in developing corporate guidelines and approaches which can be in compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws. The skilled employment lawyer make sure that all employees are treated in an honest and consistent way. Employment attorneys represent employees on diverse issues like workplace safety, sexual harassment, privacy rights, discrimination towards employees, etc.

Why you should hire an employment attorney

Unjust Terminationsdasdasda

Now and then, an organization fires an employee without regard to the hard work and the employment guidelines. A legal professional can make sure the corporation respects all labor laws. An employment lawyer helps solve such issues and provide the disgruntled employee proper aid and support.


An employment lawyer knows all the nuances of employee regulations. It is good to keep in mind that while the use of the services of an employment attorney is beneficial but in many cases, employers will try to stretch the time limit of the case by delaying the decision; so that the issue may be eliminated and no judgment would have been made. To ensure the difficulty is treated and rights are included, it’s necessary to take help of an employment attorney.

Employee Benefits

Professional attorneys understand precisely how to collect data, therefore figuring out all current rights that come under labor law. A fair selection or proposition pleases both the member of staff, and the business enterprise, and it helps both the parties to begin a brand new journey, either jointly or separately, depending on the scenario. An employment attorney can help determine whether a decision is unbiased, or if the employee falls in the active guidelines for legal action.

Severance Payment Ssdasdasdadaettlement

Employment legal counsel will offer perspective clients with a practical solution based totally on their experience and expertise. More often than not, employees question the legitimacy behind their terminations. An advocate can insist that the enterprise either proves the employee’s misconduct beyond reprobation or provide severance. Wrongful dismissal opens the door to severance pay, however, if proven right, no severance may be offered.

Employment discrimination

A skilled legal professional can successfully, cost effectively, and fairly negotiate a severance bundle when due. Sometimes age is deemed a legitimate concern for employees. Older applicants are regularly shown the door for younger candidates. If a current employee is terminated to add a younger one, questions can be raised. Only an employer attorney can help resolve such issues.